AntiGrav – EyeToy gets serious

PlayStation2 EyeToy AntiGrav

The EyeToy has never really been more than a novelty for the PlayStation2, but with recent releases such as Kinetic, and now AntiGrav, it might be time to start taking the EyeToy a bit more seriously.

The hoverboarding in AntiGrav is similar to the snowboarding in SSX, but there is one massive difference – AntiGrav has EyeToy integration. And it’s very, very good.

The AntiGrav/EyeToy control system is quite ingenious, the EyeToy tracks the location and movement of your head – as you move around (as if on a hoverboard) it registers what your doing and the on screen hoverboarder does the same. It sounds awkward, but it’s actually very natural and fluid – as you lean to the left, the EyeToy sees that your head has moved, and the hoverboarder leans with you. When you crouch down, you pick up speed.

Without the EyeToy, AntiGrav would be nothing more than an average ‘boarding’ game, it’s certainly not in the same league as SSX – but the addition of the EyeToy control really makes it worth checking out.

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