Mayflash USB fighting stick – only $29!

Mayflash USB fighting stick

If you’re looking for a good quality fighting stick, but aren’t ready to take the plunge and buy anything too expensive, then this little baby is ideal. The Mayflash USB/Universal fighting stick is super responsive, supports button re-mapping and macro functions, and has a solid metal base with big rubber feet. It’s compatible with PS2, PS3, and PC (MAME anyone?), but the main thing going for it is the ridiculously low price. The only bad thing about it is that it can be a little bit noisy – but at this price, I think that’s forgivable. Even if you already own a fighting stick, then it’s probably not a bad idea to pick up a Mayflash USB Fighting Stick to use as a backup, or for when your clumsy ham fisted friends want to play. Buy one now. At this price they’ll be all gone soon.

Mayflash USB fighting stick

Use your GunCon2 with Windows/emulators!

Use your GunCon2 with Windows

Yes it’s true! I’m successfully using a PS2 GunCon2 light gun to play Duck Hunt, and various other classic light gun games on my PC. Of course, the GunCon2 doesn’t work with LCD PC monitors, so I’m using my TV instead. If you’ve already got your PC setup to play movies on your TV (using TV-Out on your graphics card), you’re nearly there already. Just download and install the excellent WinGun driver, plug your GunCon2 USB lead into your PC’s USB port, plug the yellow AV lead ‘inline’ along your TV-Out between your PC and your TV. That’s pretty much it. Now all you need to do is calibrate your GunCon2 using WinGun, and start up some emulators. I’ve been using FCE Ultra (a NES emulator for Windows) to play Duck Hunt, and it works flawlessly. Watch the YouTube video here.

PS2 emulator for Windows (and Linux)

PlayStation2 emulator for Windows

It’s taken a long time, but there’s now a working PlayStation2 emulator for Windows available – it’s called PCSX2, and it’s made by the same people that created PCSX (the Sony PlayStation 1 emulator). Although you need a fairly powerful PC to run PCSX2 – most 2D games can reach 60-120 FPS, and with the latest version of PCSX2, 3D performance can reach speeds greater than the native PS2 frame-rate of 60 FPS (NTSC) or 50 FPS (PAL). It also works on Linux.

More info and download at

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RoydsStick EX


Yes! Interchangeable button configurations!

The RoydsStick EX is one of the coolest PlayStation arcade sticks we’ve seen – it has an interchangeable button panel, which can be swapped out and replaced with an alternate panel with a different button configuration depending on what game you’re playing. There’s currently two different panels available for the RoydsStick EX, with more likely to be released in the future. These babies are hard to find, and unless you have a friend in Japan that can go hunting for one, your best chance is to order one at Play-Asia for when they get restocked. Compatible with PlayStation and PlayStation2.

» More info…

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PS2 saves & homebrew tutorial

PS2 saves
We’ve updated and simplified the tutorial on transferring PS2 saves, homebrew and emulators onto a PS2 memory card using a regular USB drive. Click here.

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