PSP emulator list

Emulators for PSP - SNES9xTYL SNES9xTYL
Super Nintendo emulator
SNES9xTYL plays pretty much any SNES rom, and does it almost perfectly – supports save states, multiplayer via ad-hoc. Another must have emulator.
» SNES9xTYL website

Emulators for PSP - NeoCDPSPNeoCDPSP
Neo Geo CD emulator
From YoyoFR (author of SNES9xTYL) comes NeoCDPSP – a Neo Geo CD emulator.
» NeoCDPSP website

Emulators for PSP - NesterJNesterJ
Nintendo (NES) emulator
Near perfect emulation of the Nintendo NES for the PSP, supports ad hoc WiFi network play.
» NesterJ website

Emulators for PSP - DGENDGEN
Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator
DGEN is a Sega Genesis / Megadrive emulator for PSP – supports WiFi connectivity, one of the best emulators for the PSP.
» DGEN website

Emulators for PSP - PSPAtariPSPAtari
Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 emulator
PSPAtari is an emulator for the Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200. It’s made by ZX-81, so you know it’s good.
» PSPAtari website

Emulators for PSP - PSPVBAPSPVBA
Gameboy Advance emulator
Another excellent emulator from ZX-81, this time for the Gameboy Advance.
» PSPVBA website

Emulators for PSP - PSPColemPSPColem
ColecoVision emulator
ZX-81′s ColecoVision emulator.
» PSPColem website

Emulators for PSP - NGPSPNGPSP
NeoGeo Pocket Colour emulator
NeoGeo Picket Colour emulator for the PSP, from the same author as the experimental Nintendo 64 emulator ‘Monkey 64′.
» NGPSP website

Emulators for PSP - CaSTaway/PSPCaSTaway/PSP
ATari ST emulator
This is a PSP port of the excellent CaSTaway Atari ST emulator.
» CaSTaway website

Emulators for PSP - GeMP (Homer's RIN)GeMP (Homer’s RIN)
Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator
GeMP (GameBoy/GameBoy Color Emulator/Media Player for PSP) is Homer’s excellent modified version of RIN, which now includes a media player.
» GeMP (Homer’s RIN) website


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