PSP homebrew list

PSP homebrew - DowngraderDowngrader
PSP firmware downgrader
If you need to downgrade your PSP’s firmware, then this is the safest way to do it. Available for firmware versions 2.50/2.60 > 1.5, and 1.50 > 1.0.
» Downgrader/Downdater website

PSP homebrew - PSPKickPSPKick
Drum machine/sequencer
PSPKick is a stunning drum machine/sequencer for the PSP. This is truly a professional quality product and is really worth checking out.
» PSPKick website

PSP homebrew - PSPRadioPSPRadio
Media player
PSPRadio is an internet radio streaming client that can also play MP3 and OGG files from memory stick. Another must have.
» PSPRadio website

PSP homebrew - PSP Wifi SnifferPSP WiFi Sniffer
WiFi sniffer
PSP WiFi Sniffer is a nice little application to detect WiFi networks using the PSP.
» PSP WiFi Sniffer website


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