We Love Katamari

We Love Katamari

We Love Katamari is Namco’s sequel to Katamari Damacy, one of the strangest console games ever released for the PlayStation2.

Anyone who has played Katamari Damacy will instantly feel at home with We Love Katamari, as it uses many of the same concepts. At the core of the game is the katamari, which is basically a big sticky ball that collects object as you roll it around. You control the Prince of All Cosmos, who has been sent to earth by the eccentric King of All Cosmos – who while drunk one night, accidentally destroyed all the stars in the sky. Your task is to roll up all sorts of objects in your katamari – basically anything that gets in your way – the King then uses the katamari to replace the missing stars.

We Love Katamari has many missions and lots of levels, all requiring you to do something different with your katamari. One stage replaces your katamari with a sumo wrestler, and you must roll up food for him.

We Love Katamari - Japanese vs US covers

The Japanese version of We Love Katamari (Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy) has one of the coolest covers I’ve ever seen (left), and for once, the dumbed down US version isn’t too bad (right).

Namco got it right with Katamari Damacy, and have kept to the same winning formula for We Love Katamari. The graphics are nothing spectacular, but it’s the gameplay that makes We Love Katamari shine.

The soundtrack is ridiculous and fantastic, ranging from catchy jazz tunes to sugar sweet Jpop – especially good is Alisa’s “Everlasting Love” which is so familiar yet unplaceable I can’t get it out of my head.


We Love Katamari

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